2018 – The Year of the PhD.

Preview of Hexagon Quilt

While many in my family might think that means I’m off to begin a doctoral program, you can take a sigh of relief, this year is the year of the projects half done (PhD). In case you’re curious, I’m off to work on those UFOs (unfinshed objects) that have shown up in my quilting stash.

Projects at a Glance
eSquaredquilts PhD list

I’ve decided to take a free form plan to tackling the many PhD that have shown up (yes, they just appear – don’t ask me how :)). This means, I have a list of the projects and their status thanks to the Quilter’s Planner; but I don’t have a specific order, timeframe or expectations each week/month to meet (that sounds too . I will be checking in here every Sunday with my progress for the week (that sounds a lot like my writing timeline for grad school).

Preview of Hexagon Quilt
Preview of First Project: Hexagon Quilt


First project: a baby size or wall hanging quilt made of hexagons – and yes it has Y seams! This project was first started in March 2016 and was interrupted to work on two timely pieces for family members.

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