Adventure awaits!

Adventure awaits.

Adventure awaits… this PhD was first purchased during a family trip to visit my grandparents. We often make the trip to Kalona, IA to visit Stringtown Grocery and now that there’s more quilters in the family, we stopped by Stich N Sew Cottage. With my love of old maps matched with a simple wall hanging kit, I knew this piece & I were a match!

I finished this top in 2017 during my quest to have things to quilt. I had an inkling in late 2016/early 2017 that a new sewing machine was in my future, so I got busy making tops… which helped to contribute to my stash of PhD. I’m happy to say that this map quilt is now finished!

As I debated which type of quilting to use on this piece, I felt like it needed a little pizzaz. The various quilting methods for the map panel didn’t quite resonate – they seemed like they’d detract from the globe and not add that something special I wanted. And then, I was inspired by the maps and globes that have a touch of calligraphy on them. Yes, that’s what I could do!

Adventure awaits.

I was a little nervous, for I’d used my embroidery module once before, and that was on some scrap fabric. Now, I was going to try a new design and it was on a panel, a panel I liked and a piece that was all done – there was no going back. I’m really happy with the end result and can’t wait to hang this in it’s final spot in our living room. Hopefully it inspires a few more adventures for us in 2018!

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