meant 2 be

meant 2 be quilt

“meant 2 be” started as a happy accident. I was buying fabric for yet another PhD, “the typewriter.” While finding all the fabric, the store owner was discussing a recent project, the hexagon quilt and kept raving about how y-seams aren’t as scary as everyone says. Needless to say, there was a class coming up and some how it was a happy surprise when my receipt showed the class. I decided to go with it, obviously it was meant 2 be. I had no idea. When the class finally came, I was tempted to cancel my spot, but it was a much needed break from the week we’d had and the week we knew was coming… for quilting is my therapy.

This project was my first finish in the year of the PhD. The hardest part was getting back into the project that had no pattern – thank goodness for YouTube tutorials! I found the hexagon quilt made quick progress as the columns went together quickly and yet the progress was so different than a chain stitching or strip piecing.

straight line quilting on meant 2 be quilt
meant 2 be quilting

I decided to finish this with straight line stitching, but off set. I learned a few things:

  1. I was happy to spray baste this quilt because the hexagon top liked to shift more than I’m used to… I’m guessing it had something to do with shape of the blocks.
  2. A presser foot with a guide is helpful, but only as good as I can keep the quilt going straight! I found it quite helpful to stop from time to time to mark a true straight line and “restart.”

Final verdict:

I would repeat this pattern if I had access to another Accuquilt or other fabric cutter. It makes a cute baby blanket or wall hanging. In the case of my family, I told my family I wanted to hang it in my studio and they quickly vetoed. “It should be in the basement to snuggle with!”

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