Ryobi Pressure Washer Adventure

We recently took on an adventure of purchasing 33 site unseen customer returned Ryobi pressure washers.  We had hoped that we could get a handful fixed and sell them at a profit plus keep a unit or two for ourselves. Along the way we documented what it took to fix them and made some videos to help others get theirs working as well. We got a lot of 1700 PSIs and 2000 PSIs.  Internally they are very similar so if you are having issues with yours, check out the information below!

Here are the main reasons why some did not work:

  • Bad GFCI plugs
  • Malfunctioning pressure switch
  • Stuck pressure valve

Replacing A Malfunction Pressure Switch

Replacing a pressure switch requires you to take off the top cover to expose the switch housing.  From there you can open up the housing to see the switch.  Once you have this exposed you can test switch continuity to see if this is the problem.  Remember to make sure it is unplugged when you do this! 

Cleaning The Pressure Valve

Cleaning out the pressure valve is a good thing to do when you already have the top cover off.  Its as simple as unclipping the switch housing from the brass fitting.  Place rag over the brass fitting with the white plastic rod sticking out to keep it from shooting out when the clip is released as this thing is spring loaded.  Once you have that out, pay attention to the order of the washers around the spring.  The video below walks you though this process.

Cleaning The Siphon Port